May 27, 2016


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    Electronic Communication Policy
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    Electronic Communication Policy
    Information Security Regulations
    NB: Copyright of  third parties and its misuse or infringement by students and staff are  becoming increasingly problematic at the University. You are reminded  that the University respects copyright of third-party material and each  year spends substantial amounts on licence fees in order to legally  obtain access to electronic sources of academic material. We therefore  urge you to familiarise yourselves with the copyright which might exist  on electronic material as well as the rules on 'fair use' of electronic  material (which includes but is not limited to audio-visual material  such as films, videos, music, as well as academic material, internet,  e-mail, Webstudies and PowerPoint class notes).
        In this regard you are also referred to paragraph 2.2.2 of the Electronic Communication Policy.
        The University's copyright clearance administrator can also be contacted at +27 21 808 2992.
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